Sun & Beach

Sun & beach tourism

Sun and beach tourism has always been a source of significant income in Greece, aided by the great weather, variety of beautiful islands and beaches and traditional hotel infrastructure. At the moment, Greece is investing in the upgrade of its traditional sun and beach product by: 
• improving the quality and certification of its hotel infrastructure and developing a number of luxury properties in order to attract a higher-value audience 
• adjusting its legislation to allow the building of beachside villas and homes in order to enhance its long-term stay capabilities for elderly or retirees
• improving its transport infrastructure with the upgrading of its regional airports, ports, marinas and road network
• developing new thematic products around local cultural or natural attractions in order to improve average spend per day and extend its tourist period beyond the summer months

As part of this new strategy, private investments both in traditional tourist areas such as the Aegean Islands, the Ionian Sea and Crete, but also in newly developed destinations, such as the Peloponnese are not only welcome but actively supported.

A very promising investment opportunity combining existing infrastructure with new market development is the upgrading of local hotels situated in very good locations to branded / chain hotel facilities. According to a recent study on Greek branded hotels, Greece has a significantly lower presence of international brands, both in terms of hotels (6% versus more than 15% in other EU countries) and in terms of hotel rooms (24% of total rooms in Greece versus more than 37% in other EU countries).

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