Cultural and Religious Tourism


Cultural and Religious Tourism



Greece is one of the richest countries in Europe in terms of cultural and religious monuments and historical significance. Greece has a total of 17 “World Heritage” sites which place it in the top 10 of countries internationally, and a number of museums, smaller sites and monuments and places of historical or religious significance.

There are several areas of investment which can be pursued in order to leverage this great cultural heritage, including:
• digitalization and virtualization of the cultural elements of Greece, providing such services as “virtual museums” and 3-d site tours
• upgrading of the sites themselves, offering higher quality services and facilities and improving the local infrastructure
• developing thematic products around specific elements such as Greek Orthodox Religion or activities such as site digs and excavations

Once again, the Ministry of Tourism has declared its intention to significantly upgrade the cultural treasures of Greece in order to enrich its tourist product offering, and is open to discussing any potential investment opportunities that support this strategy.

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