Water bottling Company for SaleNorth Greece

Water Bottling Company for  sale

The company applies the most advanced technology bottling system, has large range of products and packaging and its production capabilities are able to meet every need.


In addition, it has a strong distribution network in Greece which will soon be extended to selected foreign countries. Thus the company is able to exploit, giving as well, high added value to the element with which nature endowed the region, the crystal water from the mountain.



Surface of the plot:
25.000 m2,  
Surface of the buldings:
1.360 m2,
Distance to the nearest port: 
North Greece,
Upon Request

 To achieve this goal and to absolutely ensure the quality the sanity and the consumers safety on one hand and the competitiveness of the business on the other, the company uses the modern equipment it owns to carry out the production process. This equipment allows the human factor to play a supervisory role as automation undertakes the production process ensuring products quality.


The facility operates two production filling lines with total production capacity of over 20 million liters per year:

A.      A production /bottling line of bottles of 0.5l - 1l – 1.5l

B.      A production/bottling line of bottles of 5 and 10 liters



The unit has also fully equipped microbiology laboratory, staffs by specialized personnel responsible of carrying out daily inspection of the water at all stages of production.


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